Science at the Shine Dome 2021

General Information

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, if you wish to attend any hybrid Science at the Shine Dome event in-person we do ask that you adhere to all venue requirements and directions given by staff.

When you arrive at the Shine Dome, we ask that you sign in using the Check In CBR app and use hand sanitiser as you enter the building.

On the day of the event/s, you are asked not to attend the venue if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath.

Code of Conduct
By attending any Science at the Shine Dome event in-person or online, you agree to adhere to the Academy's Code of Conduct.

Donate to support the Academy
Since its creation by Royal Charter in 1954, gifts and legacies from Fellows and friends have supported the work of the Australian Academy of Science.

Many of our core activities such as scientific meetings, advice to government support policy development, publications, education, public awareness and outreach, international activities, awards and fellowships would not be possible without your support.

Support given through general donations is directly responsible for strengthening the Academy’s impact. Each time you make a gift through our annual tax or special appeals, you help to make the Academy a vital, viable and visible presence.

To find out more about donating and supporting the Academy, visit our website or contact Philanthropy Manager Isobel Griffin.

What to expect from Academy events

When COVID-19 restricted physical events in 2020 the Academy innovated to deliver online events with unique features.

Our in-house production team includes journalists with more than 20 years experience producing commercial television, and science communication and audience engagement specialists.

Prime Minister's Prizes for Science

Prime Minister's Prizes for Science

In October 2020, the Academy delivered its annual Prime Minister's Prizes for Science Breakfast as a virtual event (supported by the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources). The event featured a pre-produced video by the Academy, pre-record messages from government stakeholders, and live interviews with the top prize recipients. The broadcast was presented with television production values along with quality appropriate for an event of such national prestige. 

The Sustainable Shine Dome: Envisioning Sustainable Futures for Heritage

The Sustainable Shine Dome

As COVID-19 restrictions eased in the ACT, the Academy staged its first hybrid event in December 2020 as part of the Sustainable Shine Dome project. Speakers joined the event in-person at the Shine Dome and remotely from interstate, and participated in panel discussion in real time. Both the Shine Dome and remote audiences engaged with the panel with questions submitted digitally.

COVID-19 Web Shows and Webinars

COVID-19 Web Shows and Webinars

To provide the public with current and factual information about COVID-19, the Academy created and distributed a series of 15-20 minute web shows. The Latest From Science episodes featured interviews with eminent scientists asking key questions about the evolving pandemic. The web shows evolved into livestreamed webinar broadcasts with international guests and incorporating questions from the live audience.

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