Lack of reproducibility of scientific claims has been a recurrent topic in many branches of science and the source of public debate in recent years. Many solutions have been proposed to address specific problems, but navigating them and finding effective tools and methods to implement can be a daunting task for researchers and their institutions. 

The Australian Academy of Science, through the Theo Murphy Initiative, would like to invite early-and mid-career researchers (EMCRs) and PhD students from a range of disciplines interested in finding solutions to these challenges to join the Re:produce workshop. 

Re:produce will feature two days of talks and hands-on training in key areas of the reproducibility of science. This is an opportunity for researchers to openly discuss the challenges related to the reproducibility of their research and find effective solutions to make their research more open and verifiable.

As a delegate at the Re:produce workshop, you will have the chance to refresh the concepts and tools of reproducible science, engage in meaningful discussions, apply practical solutions to enhance the quality and credibility of your research,  and establish valuable connections with researchers from different disciplines.

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